Today morning, I have a meeting with our mold designers about the mold design solution for a new product, we discuss too much design details, I want to pick out some of them to share with every one:

a)    Throughout the part, it make sure to as use uniform thickness as possible, because during injection molding process, it can reduce sinking, warping, residual stresses, it is easy to get a better mold fill and reasonable cycle times.

b)    Both inside and outside of the product, they should as use generous radius as possible at all corners, The smallest radius should be a material thickness.

c)     One important thing we need to consider carefully is the thickness of this product, every reasonable thickness must match molding process, material and product design requirement.

d)    Design all the parts with draft(taper)in the direction of mold opening or closing

in a molding process, the mold requires rapid cooling, short cycle times and minimum shot weight, then we can get a reasonable part cost

mold design