Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit mold maintenance

Moldmakers benefit the most, by far, from fully digital sinker EDM generators. The digital technology has advanced the functionality of generators to the point where mold shops can now precisely control and manipulate the EDM spark. Such control allows them to produce components that reduce overall mold maintenance costs for their customers. […]

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Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit Electrode Wear

The ability of an EDM electrode to produce and maintain details is a crucial part of the machining process, and that ability is affected by its wear resistance, particularly when intricate details or thin, deep ribs are involved. To achieve maximum EDM productivity, moldmakers need technology that allows them to reduce electrode erosion/wear, ideally by [...]

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complex surface profile need an efficient device

More than ever moldmakers are pressed to push the envelope on what is feasible and reasonable when it comes to accurately creating complex profiles. Companies today are heavily vested in each new product they bring to market. And good is not good enough. Manufacturing specs are often riddled with GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances) [...]

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