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General mold making process:

As a good reputation mold service provider in China, we hope to share the basic production process of injection molds with those who want to manufacture their molds in China:

1.  After the customer approves the quotation, the project department will set up the project after receiving the product information.

2. The product design department provides product information to the injection mold design department. The injection mold designer completes the cost analysis within two working days and provides it to the project manager.

3.  After the project is confirmed, the project department will release the “Mold Making Application” to the Injection Mold Design Department.

4.  The injection mold designer organizes relevant personnel to review the project according to the product structure, mold structure, cooling system, runner, venting and other information.

5. After review, the injection mold designers began to design the injection mold, including 3D drawing correction, 3D classification, mold part assembly drawing, EDM drawing, electrode drawing, etc., and organized relevant personnel to review these drawings. Finally, the final review must be sent to the customer, and after confirmation by the customer, it is sent to the injection mold making department.

6.  The injection mold maker evaluates the drawings. If there is no objection, you can order the mold materials, otherwise you will communicate with the injection mold designers.

7.  The injection mold maker inspects the mold material in time after the mold material arrives at the factory, and arranges the process personnel to formulate the process, including turning, grinding, milling, screw hole, carrying hole, center hole, CNC roughing, etc. . The technicians should pay attention to the precision of each right-angle sides, avoid empty of the center hole and each production base, roughing margin etc. After the roughing is completed, if the parts to be heat treated are required to arrange heat treatment in time.

8. After the heat treatment, the injection mold maker must perform hardness testing and metallographic analysis. In general, the hardness of the core material is 46-50HRC, and for an uniform distribution of 9 points, the hardness difference is required to be less than 1HRC. Metallographic analysis of the injection mold core material before processing to ensure no segregation, scars etc.

9. Electrode processing, there are two kinds of fine punching and rough punching, the fine punching spark is 0.08, and the rough punching spark is 0.2 (depending on the actual situation). Be sure to pay attention to each machining benchmark and detect the electrodes after machining is complete.

10.Before finishing, the mold core must be at right angles, the verticality should be less than 0.02 mm, and the finishing degree should be 1.6 degrees.

11.For wire cutting, please note the base of all parts. enlarge 0.02mm for the insert hole and center hole as tolerance clearance, For the non-standard thimble, the tolerance gap is 0.04 mm of the actual thimble size.

12. When the core is finished, it should base on the benchmarks after making right-angles, Generally, the mold allowance of 0.02 mm is left (regardless of tool wearing).

13. EDM, according to the size of the drawing, fine 0.08, coarse 0.2 (depending on the actual situation), pay attention to the benchmark during processing, leaving a margin of 0.03-0.05 mm for spark machining.

14. The surface of the runner must be polished to ▽6 or ▽7 finishing, and the surface is not allowed to have spark or knife pattern exists.

15. Before assembling the injection mold, the mold manufacturer must thoroughly inspect all relevant parts to ensure that everything is in good condition and cleaned and rust-proofed. Then fill out the “Mold Inspection Summary Table”.

16. During the tryout, the injection mold designer, the plastic mold maker and the project engineer responsible for the project should go to the site to analyze and solve the abnormalities occurring during the test, and improve the mold process according to the test results. Fill in the Trial Report.

17. In the 100-150 cycle, the test product has no defects, the production department formulates the production plan, the technician tracks the production process, and feeds the pass rate to the injection mold making department.

18. After tryout, the injection mold making department applies for storage in the form of “mould making application” and “mould making inspection”. At the same time, the test report and the final sample must be sent to the customer for confirmation.

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