Efficiently produce a set of mold

Mold shops that recognize the potential of technology and equipment, and prioritize both accuracy and productivity will increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. The key is utilizing machines that are engineered to reduce the time-consuming elements of mold manufacturing, increase mold quality, enhance accuracy and eliminate opportunities for human error. […]

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How to understand a truly automated CNC machining

Every mold manufacturer is searching for ways to increase productivity, and sometimes that means examining your current processes and changing the way you work. Despite what many think about the dreaded “change” word, if change is implemented properly it can mean less work, not more. An area in which you can experience dramatic results with [...]

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Mold industry really need automation

Today’s automation cells allow for one part or multiple parts to be run and will provide unattended operation, opening up valuable resources and saving costs. Mold manufacturers can use a common interface/fixture to accomplish one part loading of electrodes and molds versus using a different set-up for each new part run. With a properly designed [...]

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