Optimize mold design to avoid shrink mark

Properly increase section dimension of gate and runner; the position of gate is set at thick walls of the plastic parts and should be as symmetric as possible; improve mold exhausting condition; set cold-slug well with sufficient capacity to avoid cold material’s entering into the cavity and influencing filling and shrinkage compensation; […]

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Select a suitable electrode material for EDM

There has been a long-standing, unresolved debate over whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material. The preference is most always the same in any one geographical region. In North America , the preferred electrode material has shifted from copper to graphite. In Europe and Asia, many argue that copper is the preferable [...]

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How to evaluate Your Injection Molding Simulation

The use of CAE for injection molding simulation has progressed from flow-front prediction in the late ‘70s to full simulation of the injection molding process, its variants and associated processes. Injection molding simulation benchmarking is the comparison of predicted and actual process parameters. Typically, an extensive study is carried out on a mold, machine and [...]

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