The benefits of maintaining molds

A well-maintained (and designed) mold is the key to producing consistent, high-quality injection molded parts. Uniform cooling of the entire cavity (and uniform cooling from cavity to cavity in multi-cavity tools) will produce the highest quality parts and the fastest cycle times. Ensuring mold quality requires well-designed molds and higher precision, both of which will [...]

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Injection molding simulation software benefits injection molding

Changes in the industry have been dramatic, and many of those changes can be traced back to the advent of advanced simulation software to model the flow of resin within the complex runners, gates and cavities of modern high productivity molds. it’s simple have never had formal education in plastics fundamentals, because that couldn't be [...]

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Some necessary steps to become a mold designer

This is an expertise profession that describes the tooling required and applied to produce plastic parts. Though plastic mold designer is thought to be one of the easier programs  in designing field, it has quite a number of challenges. For people who wish to be plastic mold designers, creativity is one of the core requirement. [...]

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Understanding Injection molding costs

While injection molding may seem costly compared to processes like CNC machining and 3D printing, the ability to scale and manufacture thousands of parts makes it a cost-effective solution for mass production. Determining the cost of injection molding is a combination of several factors. The main determinant of molding cost is the amount of time [...]

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