Why China sourcing is still your best choice?

For those starting a business, it’s of utmost importance to connect with a high-quality manufacturer that can supply the right type of materials for your product. Believe it or not, the manufacturer you work with will help form the very foundation of your business. They become a cornerstone of your overall worthiness — something that [...]

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The right guide to sourcing in China

Chinese product sourcing is popular with many professionals in the field of procurement. Do you know why? Because it is the country that sells more manufactured goods than any other country! China is often called the world’s factory due to its strong and huge manufacturing sectors. For this article, we will discuss what China Sourcing [...]

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An experienced china sourcing agent can benefit you a lot

Many companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and e-commerce are hesitant to source products in the country as they are expensive. Because of this, sourcing from China is the best option. The Chinese market welcomes all types of buyers because it is very diverse and you can find everything there. The best purchasing agents in China can help [...]

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How to source Chinese products in 2023

Do you wish to understand more about China product sourcing? If you’re looking for product sourcing in China, you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to know what the sourcing agency’s main objective is and how it might benefit your business? Due to its affordable production, extensive product line, and manufacturing expertise, China [...]

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Sourcing from China or Sourcing form India?

Anyone sourcing from Asia should be aware of ‘Made in China 2025‘ and the ‘Make in India’ campaign. But to source your product, you need more than government-level campaigns. How do you make the right decision for you? What are the factors in your ‘China vs India’ decision? Labour Costs It’s well known that labour [...]

How to avoid mistakes in china sourcing

China continues to be an attractive destination for sourcing products to sell on Amazon. There are incredible business opportunities that sourcing from China offers Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs. However, as is the case with most business ventures, China sourcing is not without its inherent risks. Most sellers are challenged by the task of balancing these [...]

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Have multinational brands really given up on China?

China is often on the shortlist for global brands’ design and sourcing headquarters, particularly in FMCG, moderately engineered components, apparel, and electronics. However, there seems to be a sort of ‘catastrophe echo chamber’ regarding China market exits right now we want to outline the broad contours of four archetypes of MNCs making decisions about China [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of 5 optional sourcing countries from Asia

China has long been the country that comes to mind when importers hear the term “manufacturing hub”.  And China does still hold some major competitive advantages over its smaller manufacturing counterparts, despite its rising wages. But with growing uncertainty from the U.S. raising tariffs against China, it’s never too early to consider China sourcing alternatives. [...]

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Is it right to move manufacturing out of China?

Considerations before moving manufacturing from China It’s undeniable that China is still crucial for the global value chain, and the country has significant advantages that makes it competitive for manufacturing. Let’s review some important items to consider before relocating manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia. Manufacturing capabilities It’s easier to say what products cannot be [...]

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