Injection molding simulation can help mold design

While injection molding simulation is a common tool used by molders and toolmakers to help evaluate their mold design, it is often implemented after the plastic part design has been finalized and a tool design has been developed. we will highlight how proactively using injection molding simulation (Moldflow®) can help yield information that allows for [...]

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Molding Process of Car Dashboards

In the production of auto parts, dashboards are one of the most common auto parts requirements. Nowadays, the design of automobile dashboards is mostly produced by plastic manufacturing. With the development of automobiles in terms of safety and environmental protection, people's requirements for safety and environmental protection of automobile trims are also increasing; at the [...]

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Introduction to Bioplastics

Bioplastics are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to fossil fuel-based virgin plastics and are a vital tool to deliver more sustainable plastic end-use applications. Important terms to understand in the sustainability lexicon are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable: A recyclable item can be reused and converted into new materials and items/parts instead of being dumped [...]

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What is Additive manufacturing?

“Additive manufacturing” (AM) describes the use of 3D printing to make functional components, including tools and end-use production parts. Unlike “subtractive manufacturing” processes such as machining, where parts are created by removing material, additive manufacturing builds geometries by “adding” feedstock such as filament, wire or powder. Depending on the 3D printing process and application, additive [...]

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What 3D Printing can do for mold making?

The mold industry is one of the most long-span industries, and it has relationship with all areas of the manufacturing industry. In modern times, manufacturing and mold are highly dependent, and countless product components are manufactured by molding (injection, blow molding and silicone) or casting (mold casting, fining and spinning). No matter what application, the [...]

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The different advantages of different sourcing channels

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at importing to your country, you’ve probably already been searching online or attending trade fairs looking for suppliers. What you may not be aware of is that many of the websites you have been visiting and the exhibition booths you’ve stopped at do not actually belong to manufacturers [...]

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Do you prefer to source from a trading company or work with a factory?

What is a trading company? A trading company – sometimes called a vendor – works as an agent connecting buyers and sellers without having any involvement in the ownership or manufacturing of the product sold. And when searching on websites like Alibaba and Global Sources, you might find most of the companies listed are not [...]

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Some Advice for Online Retailers on Getting Products

Online retailers of all sizes have several options when it comes to sourcing their products. Retailers may get their products from: manufacturers / affordable wholesalers / various distributors Online retailers may source products domestically or internationally. Quality and price vary widely, so start with thorough research and product samples. If you are planning on starting [...]

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