Mold design for public transport interiors

Industrial designers working on public transport interiors were historically held back with some unique design constraints. The brief usually includes making sure the part fits into the available space, keeping it functional but lightweight, and only then start considering the aesthetics. As manufacturers produce lower volumes of these parts, injection molding isn’t really an option [...]

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Is Your 3D Model The Best In Mold Design?

Traditionally drawings have been an indispensable and unambiguous definition of the finished product—a vital part of the service agreement between the customer and those responsible for tooling and inspection. Unfortunately, for many shops, 3D models are still only a supplement to the official authority of the drawing. However, a growing number of companies involved in [...]

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What is the correct mold design method?

Injection molders quote or estimate a job based on six primary factors: part weight, material cost, machine size, cycle time, labor requirements and packaging. The material and packaging costs are relatively easy to obtain from suppliers, which makes them fixed values—not estimates. Thanks to solid modeling software programs, part weight is also a fixed value, [...]

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Does Moldflow Benefit Your Mold Design?

What is moldflow analysis? Mold flow analysis (or MFA) uses software to create a simulation of plastic flow, allowing manufacturers to enhance the design of their mold through a flow analysis of injection molds and create a better product. By conducting mold flow analysis, manufacturers can get a glimpse into how the material they are [...]

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The importance of moldflow analysis in the mold design and injection molding

A well-designed injection molded part depends on many factors. The correct flow of resin into the mold is one of them. Moldflow is a professional software to simulate injection molding, which is used to simulate the flow of resin in the geometry of parts in a digital manner. The resulting data will essentially help you [...]

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A new thinking of mold design

Designing molds with additive tooling implementation in mind requires blending traditional mold standards with innovative new ideas of what is possible to push the limits of mold performance. Additive tooling refers to the use of 3D printing (e.g. direct metal laser sintering or DMLS) to produce mold inserts out of metal, specifically tool steels, that [...]

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