Select a suitable electrode material for EDM

There has been a long-standing, unresolved debate over whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material. The preference is most always the same in any one geographical region. In North America , the preferred electrode material has shifted from copper to graphite. In Europe and Asia, many argue that copper is the preferable [...]

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How to evaluate Your Injection Molding Simulation

The use of CAE for injection molding simulation has progressed from flow-front prediction in the late ‘70s to full simulation of the injection molding process, its variants and associated processes. Injection molding simulation benchmarking is the comparison of predicted and actual process parameters. Typically, an extensive study is carried out on a mold, machine and [...]

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Aluminum tooling is going into mold industry

Use of aluminum tooling has been an ongoing discussion for years, and the resulting flow of information has been a key part of aluminum’s growth as a mold material alternative. This continuous growth has led to advances in mold alloys, material size availability, mold design, finishing practices, coatings and welding techniques. More and more success [...]

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CAD/CAM/CAE Integration can benefit mold manufacturing

Mold building in China is a very challenging business. Two of the difficulties are offshore competition and molders’ growing demands for early design involvement. One solution to combat these challenges is mold filling simulation. Its use can help mold builders stay competitive, enhance efficiencies, meet customer expectations and create more business opportunities. Following are four [...]

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How to ensure your design purpose

In today’s customer-driven design and manufacturing world, tolerances are ever-increasing as more and more functionality is being pressed into a shrinking product envelope. CAD models are now being annotated with more critical tolerances, beyond basic fit and clearance requirements, such as complex surface profiles. Since virtually all product development is now done in the CAD [...]

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