2011 version of PowerMILL CAM has been released

Delcam (Birmingham, UK) has released the 2011 version of its PowerMILL CAM system for five-axis and high-speed machining. This release makes the programming of safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock-model-engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading. Other enhancements include new editing capabilities to simplify the [...]

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How to do a best surface finishing

The process of surface finishing requires a variety of tools, materials, and most importantly, highly specialized skills. It is an art that takes years of experience to perfect, but some basic principles and techniques can provide a good start. This article will examine the three major processes necessary to produce a highly polished, lustrous metal [...]

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Introduction to Repair Skills of mold industry

If moldmaking and mold repair are indeed two separate entities the question becomes “What are the specific skill sets required for a mold repair technician?” Unfortunately the answer may be largely influenced by the specific repair environment. That is to say, if the in-house toolroom is fully equipped, the level of repairs may be quite [...]

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How to match customer requirement

In this series we will be discussing executive decision-making and how to improve the process, including things like decision speed, reliability, prioritization and risk reduction. The process and principles we will cover work extremely well for high level/executive decision makers, product development teams and sales/marketing managers. These same principles of truly understanding the needs of [...]

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