Automation can improve your mold design and mold making

It is no secret that being a mold builder today isn’t like it used to be. Challenges, including the growing cost of doing business, increased low-cost country competition and the seemingly never-ending talent gap, require businesses to focus on driving efficiency throughout their organization to remain competitive. As a result, many mold shops are turning [...]

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Automation will improve mold making efficiency

Every company is based on a foundation of knowledge. That knowledge is often taught from a senior mold builder to a junior mold builder. Sadly, that knowledge can be lost over time. Here we’ll focus on taking a real-world look at capturing and reusing company know-how. By using software automation, mold builders can instill company [...]

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Correct selection of cutting tools is very important in mold making

Today, there are many innovations in cutting tool technology. Whether a seasoned pro or novice, these technologies are new for everyone. New edge preps, coatings, cutting materials, digital capabilities and application methods are differentiators that help shops remain competitive if their moldmakers know how to use them properly. While moldmakers who are entering the field [...]

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Quality management help to limit visible and hidden costs in mold making

Most mold shops are well acquainted with the visible costs of poor quality. Still, these are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the deeper and more intractable invisible costs lurking below the waterline. Shops that think of quality as only a cost center enforce the incorrect perception that the quality function is essentially [...]

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Mold making needs Integrated CAD/CAM software

Integrated CAD/CAM software that combines CAD, CAM, electrode design and CMM programming capabilities in one system can save you time and effort in the following five ways: Eliminate extra and costly data translation steps between applications that are operating on the same 3-D model. Some systems offer a complete set of fully integrated applications for [...]

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