Mold maintenance needs real data

A shop that runs higher cavitation molds with critical specifications at high volumes will never continuously improve mold performance or shop efficiencies with non-standard language in a comment field. This data collection method does not provide a means to quickly or accurately measure data because a technician must manually decipher and analyze every work order. [...]

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Comparison of conformal cooling and conventional cooling

The most challenging part of implementing additive tooling is getting cooling to and from the inserts in a mold. Here is a quick look at when to use conventional circuits or conformal cooling to achieve optimal production results with additive tooling. Conformal Cooling or Conventional Cooling Consistent cooling in a mold is the key to [...]

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What is a precise and efficient mold quotation method?

Moldmakers are facing the music of Industry 4.0, and—no surprise here—the conductor is the customer. Expectations for customer service are higher than ever and reshaping how businesses operate. It’s no longer enough to tighten up customer-facing roles and processes; every piece of the shop must be optimized to deliver. Quoting is no exception—it’s the overlooked [...]

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The importance of moldflow analysis in the mold design and injection molding

A well-designed injection molded part depends on many factors. The correct flow of resin into the mold is one of them. Moldflow is a professional software to simulate injection molding, which is used to simulate the flow of resin in the geometry of parts in a digital manner. The resulting data will essentially help you [...]

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Moldflow can really help your injection molding

The injection molding process does not require mold flow analysis. But maybe it should be, especially considering that it helps predict production problems before production starts. Mold flow analysis software can simulate the injection molding cycle, using specific plastics and part designs. It evaluates the manufacturability of the design before manufacturing the mold. In this [...]

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