Solutions for Injection Molding Defects

There’s a lot of room for expensive errors when it comes to injection molding. Quality issues in injection-molded products can range from minor surface defects to more serious problems that can affect the safety, performance and function of the product. They can be caused by problems related to the molding process, material use, tooling design [...]

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How To Select Core Pull Cylinders For A Mold

When considering an actuator for an injection molding application, review three positions to determine the impact on cylinder type and capacity: initial breakaway, movement through the stroke, and final positioning. Physical force requirements for each (both set and pull) will provide insight into the most limiting conditions and direct selection of the most appropriate product [...]

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Additive manufacturing is coming into mold industry

Additive manufacturing (AM) is becoming a growing priority for many mold companies. This is happening because of decreasing cycle times made available by new tool design capabilities made possible by AM, like conformal cooling. As recently as three years ago, moldmakers might have felt that customers were unwilling to pay the extra cost associated with [...]

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Automation will improve mold making efficiency

Every company is based on a foundation of knowledge. That knowledge is often taught from a senior mold builder to a junior mold builder. Sadly, that knowledge can be lost over time. Here we’ll focus on taking a real-world look at capturing and reusing company know-how. By using software automation, mold builders can instill company [...]

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Correct plastic product design benefits mold design

A fully described plastic part is the most crucial information for a mold build project. An incomplete part drawing can create countless problems in the mold design process, waste a lot of precious time and cause numerous issues when the mold is completed and commissioned at the customer’s facility. Spending extra time at the beginning [...]

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Is Your Understanding Of Mold Polishing Correct?

The reasons for a high-gloss finish in plastic molding vary. Some examples include extreme transparency of the molded part, reduced localized corrosion or highly crack-sensitive tooling (due to design or operational stresses). Then there is the impact of mold surface finish on injection molding productivity, as the release forces of the plastic part from the [...]

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Some experiences about molding Automotive headlight reflector

Automotive headlight housings have evolved from round, stamped steel assemblies to thermoset parabolic reflectors with diamond-like angles, covered with clear lenses. Today‘s BMC (bulk molding compound) reflectors are cosmetic parts with complex curves and shapes. Their parabolic surfaces are the aiming mechanisms for the light. With the move to clear lenses, any imperfections in the [...]

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Overmolding Technology I Know

Overmolding is an injection molding process used to mold one plastic (commonly a rubber-like plastic called TPE) over top of another component (substrate). The substrate is usually an injection-molded plastic part, but it could also be made from various other materials. Overmolding is used across several industries and serves a wide array of purposes. Below [...]

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How to design Hard-Soft Overmolding mold

Over the past decade, soft-touch overmolding has radically changed the look, feel, and function of a broad range of consumer products. Abundant new color, texture, and tactile options are available in such products as toothbrushes, razors, power tools, cameras, kitchen items, hand-held electronics, and auto-interior parts. Driving this change is the increasingly diverse range of [...]

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