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Some reasons for choosing a Chinese sourcing agent

There are several competing factors for businesses deciding whether to choose an agent or distributor. Agents are generally a cheaper option and allow a greater degree of control over sales. However, there are often attached tax implications and no guarantee that the agent is not selling a competitor’s products as well. Agents tend to be [...]

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Does Moldflow Benefit Your Mold Design?

What is moldflow analysis? Mold flow analysis (or MFA) uses software to create a simulation of plastic flow, allowing manufacturers to enhance the design of their mold through a flow analysis of injection molds and create a better product. By conducting mold flow analysis, manufacturers can get a glimpse into how the material they are [...]

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Quality management help to limit visible and hidden costs in mold making

Most mold shops are well acquainted with the visible costs of poor quality. Still, these are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the deeper and more intractable invisible costs lurking below the waterline. Shops that think of quality as only a cost center enforce the incorrect perception that the quality function is essentially [...]

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Mold making needs Integrated CAD/CAM software

Integrated CAD/CAM software that combines CAD, CAM, electrode design and CMM programming capabilities in one system can save you time and effort in the following five ways: Eliminate extra and costly data translation steps between applications that are operating on the same 3-D model. Some systems offer a complete set of fully integrated applications for [...]

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how to do an scientific injection molding

Applying scientific injection molding principles to parts upfront in the manufacturing process will help to ensure an optimized part and a robust mold design. The inputs will inform the mold design and build, and allow for optimal processing conditions and part conformance. Here are three simple strategies of scientific injection molding. Simulation Before you design [...]

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What is a precise and efficient mold quotation method?

Moldmakers are facing the music of Industry 4.0, and—no surprise here—the conductor is the customer. Expectations for customer service are higher than ever and reshaping how businesses operate. It’s no longer enough to tighten up customer-facing roles and processes; every piece of the shop must be optimized to deliver. Quoting is no exception—it’s the overlooked [...]

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How to do your mold maintenance in the future

Industry 4.0 has been getting a lot of attention from molders as they look to take advantage of connecting processing information with production information to efficiently produce quality parts on time.  It only makes sense that as the 4.0 culture continues to grow within the molding industry, the mold repair side of the business starts [...]

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