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How to plan a commercial security system

Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company, or an enterprise-level corporation, security measures are critical to ensure your business can safeguard its assets and operate with confidence. However, security systems are not just for warding off intruders. To check that business operations are running smoothly, businesses also utilize video surveillance to monitor employees [...]

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How to set up security systems for commercial buildings

Security has become a priority for commercial property owners in recent years, and it’s not just driven by rising crime rates. Building owners know that to attract and retain tenants, they have to provide a safe, secure environment. Similarly, they are also under pressure from insurance companies and regulators to maximize security and protection for [...]

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How to install security system for your factory

Factories lie at the core of the manufacturing industry and are often targeted by opportunist criminals for several reasons that include: High-value raw materials, equipment, and machinery inside them, Their remote location, Their large size making it difficult to maintain complete visibility throughout the site, and The absence of factory security systems. Crime against the [...]

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How to Purchase a security system for your plant

Purchasing a security system for your manufacturing facility is a key decision that requires thoughtful consideration and expert guidance from professionals. Business owners must understand what to seek in the products they buy to provide utmost protection to assets, employees, and visitors, especially when the industrial sector is being exposed to serious security threats. The [...]

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Things to note when sourcing from China

Sourcing products in China has become a popular practice for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their product lines and save on production costs. With its vast manufacturing capabilities and affordable prices, China has become a go-to destination for product sourcing. However, navigating the complexities of this process can be daunting and overwhelming for those [...]

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Is your method of machining aluminum molds correct?

Aluminum has become an increasingly popular choice for moldmaking applications due to its lightweight, thermal conductivity and superior machinability. It possesses favorable properties and characteristics that make it easier to machine than other materials, such as being more readily cut, shaped and processed with minimal cutting tool wear and reduced machining time. However, to maximize [...]

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How should we price a mold?

Pricing is a critical step in the mold building process that does not get the attention that it deserves. Shops use several methods, and some are more effective than others. A solid understanding of the proper way to price molds can increase revenue and profits and improve customer relations and forecasting. While no magical solution [...]

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How to juggle GDPR and CCTV in the workplace

You might be surprised to learn that CCTV footage is subject to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Its rules don’t only cover written details, like names and addresses; it applies to any information that can identify someone. That includes pictures and videos, which is why you should be careful about the way you use [...]

How to understand the different types of CCTV Cameras

“Whatever you do or say, remember there is always someone watching you.” This teaching was commonly shared by our elders when we were growing up. Nobody ever thought that very soon this would become reality. Today, we are living in a world, which is full of surveillance cameras. Yes! Someone is watching us. To have [...]


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