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How to do low-volume injection molding

The workflow for low-volume injection molding includes the following seven steps: 1) Mold Design Design the mold for your part in the CAD software of your choice. Adhere to common design rules for additive manufacturing and injection mold design. Learn some Design recommendations specific to polymer 3D printed molds. Upload your design into 3D print [...]

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3D printing will change the idea of injection molding

While injection molding is traditionally considered a manufacturing process only for mass production due to its high tooling costs, leveraging 3D printing to fabricate injection molds can empower you to use this process to produce high-quality and repeatable parts for prototyping and low-volume production. In this comprehensive guide, learn how you can use 3D printed [...]

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Application of Reverse Engineering in Mold Engineering

Nowhere is the connection between production and creativity more evident than in reverse engineering, which challenges manufacturers to find new ways to recreate or improve upon existing products instead of starting from square one. Data Collection and System Interoperability Increasingly sophisticated engineering and production tools have propelled the development of equally complex products that are [...]

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How to outsource manufacturing projects to China

Manufacturing in China, almost anything is possible in this country! China is known for manufacturing almost any product for a competitive price. These competitive prices attract buyers from all over the world, but there are also disadvantages to manufacturing in China. In this blog, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of [...]

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Mold flow analysis can benefit your injection molding part

Mold flow analysis refers to the process of using software to simulate an injection molding production cycle. Using the physical characteristics of a specific manufacturing material, the software is able to predict how the mold will be filled during the injection process. Mold flow analysis proves useful during the design phase as it allows engineers [...]

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The advantages and disadvantages of sourcing molds from domestic and China

If you have been considering sourcing to injection mold makers China, you probably know that it isn’t nearly as easy or straightforward an endeavor as it sounds. There are several ways to establish a provider, a number of different aspects to consider before making your final selection, and a variety of negotiations that need to [...]

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Do you know about copper-impregnated graphite electrode?

The use of copper-impregnated graphite electrodes is often thought only to be effective when EDMing more challenging metals such as titanium, carbide, copper alloys or exotic materials (exotic refers to an EDM workpiece material that has a high thermal conductivity value, a unique elemental makeup or possesses a very high melting point). While a copper-graphite [...]

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Metrology and validation are very important to micro moldmaking

Metrology is an enabling technology and today’s options provide invaluable insight concerning the demands of micro-size tooling and parts. Metrology equipment and skills are used to measure steel details in the mold, part features/dimensions to ensure the parts meet print tolerance and to guarantee a capable process. Typically, shops use high-end optical white light interferometer-based [...]

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