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Does Moldflow really help injection molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing process used in creating a wide range of products in a short amount of time. For an effective manufacturing process, a durable mold is crucial in injection molding as it ensures consistency in the quality of part production. However, due to mold design inconsistency can comprise the final product quality. [...]

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Industry 4.0 system will come into our mold industry

When a mold shop integrated a Smart Manufacturing system into our shop, you will experience an instant transformation in the way you conduct business. you will provide your customers with more information and data faster than ever before. The result of this has been a decrease in critical tool build lead times, an improved bottom [...]

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How to calculate the cost of injection molding

Injection molding is one of the leading processes for manufacturing plastics. It is widely used for mass-producing identical parts with tight tolerances. It is a cost-effective and extremely repeatable technology that yields high-quality parts for large series production. It is a fast, intensive process where high heat and pressure are involved to inject molten material [...]

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CAD/CAM automation will improve the efficiency of machining

From the assembly line chaos of the 1936 Charlie Chaplin classic Modern Times and the robot-driven science fiction movies of the 1950s and beyond, automation (and its inherent robot-driven workforce) has always struck fear in the hearts and minds of organized labor. Since Ford Motor Vice President D.S. Harder first coined the phrase in 1946, [...]

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How to use 3D scanning technology in moldmaking

With the proportion of free-form surfaces increasing and the precision requirements for mold processing rising, manufacturing molds of high quality and securing the stability and quality during production has become vital. 3D scanning technologies are a game changer in these processes. Mold Design with 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Reverse engineering aims to reproduce an [...]

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How to do a high-quality mold deep-hole drilling machining

Mold builders encounter many challenges when deep-hole drilling, including hole straightness, poor cutting tool life and excessive time spent in the hole. Troubleshooting these challenges requires a look at correct coolant flow, pressure and chip evacuation but begins with understanding the limitations of the cutting tools, toolholders and machines. Time—whether spent in the hole, changing [...]

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Introduction to Moldex3D

Moldex3D is a very powerful technology that analyses your injection mold part design and simulates mold flow to help predict with a high degree of accuracy how your mold parts will develop in that mold. It helps to identify potential problem areas early so you can correct your injection mold design miles before you even [...]

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Overmolding Materials Compatibility and Advantages

Overmolding is becoming more and more popular in the injection molding industry, so do you know about overmolding? Let me talk something about the Materials Compatibility  and advantages of overmolding, Overmolding Materials Compatibility Materials While there are many combinations of substrate and resin materials that are compatible, other factors affect resin choice apart from compatibility [...]

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