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First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd is based in China and engaged in supply of industrial design, mold design, molding analysis and project management service.

The benefits of maintaining molds

A well-maintained (and designed) mold is the key to producing consistent, high-quality injection molded parts. Uniform cooling of the entire cavity (and uniform cooling from cavity to cavity in multi-cavity tools) will produce the highest quality parts and the fastest cycle times. Ensuring mold quality requires well-designed molds and higher precision, both of which will [...]

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Injection molding simulation software benefits injection molding

Changes in the industry have been dramatic, and many of those changes can be traced back to the advent of advanced simulation software to model the flow of resin within the complex runners, gates and cavities of modern high productivity molds. it’s simple have never had formal education in plastics fundamentals, because that couldn't be [...]

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The importance of moldflow analysis in the mold design and injection molding

A well-designed injection molded part depends on many factors. The correct flow of resin into the mold is one of them. Moldflow is a professional software to simulate injection molding, which is used to simulate the flow of resin in the geometry of parts in a digital manner. The resulting data will essentially help you [...]

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A new thinking of mold design

Designing molds with additive tooling implementation in mind requires blending traditional mold standards with innovative new ideas of what is possible to push the limits of mold performance. Additive tooling refers to the use of 3D printing (e.g. direct metal laser sintering or DMLS) to produce mold inserts out of metal, specifically tool steels, that [...]

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