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First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd is based in China and engaged in supply of industrial design, mold design, molding analysis and project management service.

The reasons to work with China Sourcing Agent

Finding Chinese suppliers requires a huge commitment. It involves factory visits, sample requests, negotiations, ensuring compliance with European standards and good production monitoring. To face this difficult task, a sourcing agent China offers efficient solutions.  What is a sourcing agent China? As a third-party service provider, a sourcing agent in China or procurement agent has [...]

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Mold Flow Analysis is very important for injection molding

When taking on a tooling project, no detail can be overlooked. With the numerous variables that can impact production, you should expect some hiccups. That is why mold flow analysis is such a crucial component of production. Let’s dive into this idea and see how to manage the risks associated with designing a new mold. [...]

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Why Working Directly With China Sourcing Agents Is Right

A China sourcing agent is your one-touch point to manage your international supply chain needs. Whether your brand is new to importing products from China or in need of niche products in high quantities – a sourcing company can make your life significantly easier. Previously, we described popular ‘made in China’ products, the different options [...]

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Additive manufacturing can help the development of your injection molding part

Ten years ago, there was a broadly accepted and well-defined route that a product developer might travel to take a product from concept to actual part. Generally, that path would include 2D and 3D drawings of the components and their assembly, which would go through various prototyping stages in low-cost, low-volume manufacturing methods such as [...]

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Injection molding simulation can help mold design

While injection molding simulation is a common tool used by molders and toolmakers to help evaluate their mold design, it is often implemented after the plastic part design has been finalized and a tool design has been developed. we will highlight how proactively using injection molding simulation (Moldflow®) can help yield information that allows for [...]

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