Do you know about copper-impregnated graphite electrode?

The use of copper-impregnated graphite electrodes is often thought only to be effective when EDMing more challenging metals such as titanium, carbide, copper alloys or exotic materials (exotic refers to an EDM workpiece material that has a high thermal conductivity value, a unique elemental makeup or possesses a very high melting point). While a copper-graphite [...]

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How to efficiently operate EMD

The workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability.  Although most moldmakers will agree that the main objective for manufacturing any product is to make a profit, it is often difficult to ensure that the manufac-turing process is profitable and to continue to refine that process to consistently [...]

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Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit mold maintenance

Moldmakers benefit the most, by far, from fully digital sinker EDM generators. The digital technology has advanced the functionality of generators to the point where mold shops can now precisely control and manipulate the EDM spark. Such control allows them to produce components that reduce overall mold maintenance costs for their customers. […]

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Select a suitable electrode material for EDM

There has been a long-standing, unresolved debate over whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material. The preference is most always the same in any one geographical region. In North America , the preferred electrode material has shifted from copper to graphite. In Europe and Asia, many argue that copper is the preferable [...]

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