Valve gate hot runner technology will innovate mold design

Valve gate hot runner technology produces better-quality plastic parts and faster cycle times by offering the most accurate gate control available. Valve gate systems are also an essential tool for automated injection molding because they enable faster mold start-ups, a wider processing window, and clean gates with no stringing or drooling of melt. […]

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What is a perfect EDM?

Have you found any good EDM operators lately? If so, count yourself lucky. If not, you probably know that you are not alone. The current scarcity of skilled labor facing the manufacturing industry is unprecedented. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a skilled EDM operator, what happens when that person gets sick or [...]

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How to design a perfect cooling system for a mold

When it comes to injection molds, the importance of an efficient cooling system cannot be overemphasized. A reduction of just one or two seconds in cooling time can lead to as much as a 10- to 20-percent increase in the production rate. That alone could directly affect the profitability of the job. However, saving time [...]

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Accurate measurement tools help the moldmaking industry

The moldmaking industry is often at the cutting edge of metalworking technology. Innovations in machine tool design, cutting tools and CNC programming are typically championed by moldmakers in their quest for increasingly precise tools. Highly accurate measurement tools are also becoming necessary for mold design and manufacturing, though the industry has been slower to adopt [...]

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Select a suitable electrode material for EDM

There has been a long-standing, unresolved debate over whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material. The preference is most always the same in any one geographical region. In North America , the preferred electrode material has shifted from copper to graphite. In Europe and Asia, many argue that copper is the preferable [...]

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How to evaluate Your Injection Molding Simulation

The use of CAE for injection molding simulation has progressed from flow-front prediction in the late ‘70s to full simulation of the injection molding process, its variants and associated processes. Injection molding simulation benchmarking is the comparison of predicted and actual process parameters. Typically, an extensive study is carried out on a mold, machine and [...]

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