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FIRST-RATE MOLD SOLUTION CO.,LTD's FTP site is available as a convenient way for customers to upload or download files when necessary. There are two secure accounts as detailed below. Upload AccountThis account may only upload files and only has access to the upload directory. Files placed in the upload directory will remain visible only in [...]

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First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd is a company enjoying rapid development and with global vision. We look for outstanding professional talents with clear career goal and decision on providing our customers with high-quality services to join in our team. Fair competition environment, favorable stage of performance and lucrative welfare treatment are available for each excellent [...]

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First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has a group of trustworthy and valuable strategic partners, who are very important to the successful implementation of our customers' projects, and who are also part of our team. With increasingly higher requirements of the customers, First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd needs valuable strategic partners that are willing to do [...]

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Mold Making

First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has a team and strategic partners of rich experience in mold making. Our philosophy is simple: do better than our competitors and provide more benefits to our customers. Eliminate unnecessary costs – we use our proven expertise from the start to produce products and molds efficiently and cost-effectively in China. [...]

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Molding Analysis

  FMS Molding Analysis Ensures A Successful Mold Design FMS molding analysis puts rich practical experience and profound expertise into our analysis system, rather than simple software operation. It can fully guide our mold design and predict what will happen to your mold, Of course, FMS molding analysis can also provide this kind of service to our [...]

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Become A Supplier

First-rate Mold Solutions is truly an international company. Headquarters are in china with program management, purchasing and engineering design. The China location aids in the local support of its Asian subcontractors. Our company is the customer centered program management office utilizing traditional program management systems and expert tooling knowledge to ensure customer requirements are delivered [...]

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Common Questions

 FAQs about offshore operation project: Many companies encounter a lot of problems in considering offshore manufacturing of products for the customer. For years of practice, First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd finds a feasible solution that is not only realizable and safe but also brings extra value to the customers. Following are problems and solutions that [...]

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