With the development of CAD/CAM software, in our mold industry, their Advantages are getting more and more highlighted, especially for plastic product design and mold manufacturing, actually Plastic Products and Molds Require Specialized CAD/CAM, Professional mold engineers increasingly rely on them, at least in china, in mold industry, UGNX, CATIA, PRO/E , Cimatron E, Powermill, MasterCAM, Autodesk Moldflow are very popular. For plastic product designers, they can design with free form surfaces, draft angles can be automatically designed into a product, the plastic processing know-how is built into a CAD/CAM product. For mold manufacturers, they can import and handle massively large files, clean-up “dirty” files received from customers,use automated mold design tools, and reduce mold machine and polish times.

In The Contemporary World, CAD/CAM plays a key role in the trend of manufacturing globalization, because companies need to worldwide optimize their plastic product design and mold manufacture.

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