Today I check some mold designs from some Young mold designers, I find a common and Easily neglected problem—they often forget to add drafts in some areas, maybe they don’t realize it’s importance, you know, the draft facilitates part removal from the mold. If no Drafts (or taper) in a mold, we will get Unqualified products, as for how to design, I want to share some experiences:

At first, in a direction parallel to the mold opening and closing, the draft is in the offset angle, and the amount of draft angle depends on the depth of the part in the mold.

Second, how to decide the draft, I think, the best design is to make the molding part easy release from the mold, the empirical value is to allow 1 to 2 degrees of draft, with an additional 1.5° min. per 0.025 mm (0.001 inch) depth of texture.

Of course, above empirical value is a common recommendation, for many precision molding parts, their drafts have many special requirements, if you are interested in it, we can discuss more about it.

plastic part draft