FMS Molding Analysis Ensures A Successful Mold Design

FMS molding analysis puts rich practical experience and profound expertise into our analysis system, rather than simple software operation. It can fully guide our mold design and predict what will happen to your mold, Of course, FMS molding analysis can also provide this kind of service to our customers individually if needed.

Collaborative Molding Analysis: Now we have implemented Collaborative molding analysis through the Internet. You can discuss our analysis online with us at any time, just as if we were working in your molding shop or engineering department or mold design department. Our customers are very satisfied

Our service is professional, efficient, integrity, good quality but not expensive.

The engineers of First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd simulate the molten polymer of a complex injection molding by finite element analysis software. The data collected are used for explanation, forecast and elimination of potential molding problem for guidance and optimization of design.

For instance, they use analysis module to simulate an injection flowing process, at first, our analysis software will give necessary advice to the engineer, as well as forecast flowing process of molten polymer in mold cavity. With these suggestions, our designer may make choice on the selection of material and assessment of molding condition, so as to help and optimize an injection molding process.

Flow simulation may determine optimal gate location(s) and optimized runner system, forecast weld line, determine the location of air trap, shear stress, filling time, filling possibility, mold clamping force, melt temperature, gate freezing time, pressure holding time and pressure. Application of CAE technology is becoming more and more important for First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd.

For different molds, our molding analysis engineers often do:

1)Flow analysis

Predict product filled if hysteresis, whether playing, filling is balanced, with lines and pack wind position, filling the required injection pressure / clamping force sizes, into the plastic location / number / size are reasonable.

2)Runner balance analysis

For a multi-cavity mold cavity or family, can be automatically balanced runner system analysis, through the analysis, we can recommend the flow channel dimensions, how much of the flow channel dimensions, several cavities filled at the same time, to achieve flow balance.

3)Gate location analysis

Moldflow gate location analysis which is called Gate location Analysis, whose role is to automatically analyze the best gate location. When the model already exists in one or more of the gate, and then manually set the gate already exists, the system will automatically analyze the best location for the other gate.

4)Cooling analysis

Prediction mold cooling water layout is reasonable, what areas need to be strengthened cooling, determine the thickness of product design is reasonable to predict molding cycles.

5)Warpage analysis

Predict product deformation and X, Y direction shrinkage values, combined with the adjustment of water / hold pressure parameters / methods into the plastic deformation and thus provide the smallest possible options before making the mold deformation

6)Shrinkage analysis

Analysis of the materials forming the product, the molding shrinkage fit put the number, and the volume contraction, if sink mark .

7)Gas-assisted analysis

Predict gas-assisted molding gas penetration distance, penetration effect, the best location and airway inlet arrangement to assess the product gas assisted molding shrinkage and deformation, etc.

8)Core shift analysis

Mold core offset forecast trends and offset by correcting the mold design, reduce the process of filling the core of the impact strength of the weak, extended tool life.

9)Stress Analysis

Predicted residual stress distribution molded product and size.

10) Fiber orientation Analysis

It is to analyze and control the fiber orientation of the plastic, injection-molded parts in order to reduce shrinkage, warpage , and the floating fibers.

Many different types of fibers, including glass fibers, carbon fibers, silicon carbide fibers, synthetic fibers, boron fibers and the like, the simulation can be based on different fibers we percentage simulation. Fibers can improve the material properties are as follows:

1、over time, reducing material plastic deformation occurs and stress relaxation

2、improve the flexural strengt

3、Improve the tensile strength

4、Improved heat distortion temperature

5、Improving the dimensional stability of the mixture

11) Overmolding analysis

Two-color molding molding products can be analyzed flows, warping and bonding situation.

12) Microchip Encapsulation IC chip package analysis  

Predict chip package, thermosetting plastics in the mold cavity flow and curing conditions, flows on the impact of gold wire and pin

13) Underfill  analysis  

Optimization of thermosetting material molding conditions and filling dispensing model simulations predict various forms (I, L or … form) predicted injection pressure and clamping force of wind and demand forecasting package combines line position.

14) Birefringence Prediction

After forming the refractive index of refractive index difference can be manifested in the form tensor. General 0.1 The results for the optical parts is too large, it should be by adjusting the gate position, adjusting the process conditions or modify the product structure to achieve low residual stress. Asymmetric tensor indicate the occurrence of birefringence, the more serious the description of asymmetric birefringence more serious, actually see the “double word” the more obvious