For an Experienced molding engineer, that is a common problem, but for a fresh molding engineer, maybe It is worth mentioning, at first, in almost every plastic part, there are different thickness, thick sections cool slower than thin sections, because when the thin section start solidifying, the thick section is still not fully solidified, when the thick sections completely cool, the thin sections have already been solidified, this builds stresses near the boundary of the thin section to thick section, because the thin section has been solid, the thick section is still liquid, so the thick section must yield, then it will lead to warping or twisting, sometimes the plastic part could even crack. In that case, when our designers design a product or a mold, many elements need to be considered before designing, for instance, product ‘ s Function and structure, gate position and style, cooling method and structure in a mold, material choice etc. of course, the molding condition of every plastic part also is an important element.

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