as an experienced mold engineer, I know that it is not easy to design a perfect plastic product, many aspects need to be considered, so when we select a CAD/CAM software for plastic product design and mold manufacture, we need to know which CAD/CAM software is suitable for our mold design and manufacturing. For example, shapes of plastic products, whether highly stylized for the consumer market or intricately and ergonomically shaped for the medical market and so on.

In my opinion, UGNX, CATIA, PRO/E, Autodesk Moldflow are very excellent softwares in mold design and manufacturing, they can quickly design with fully integrated, accurate manufacturing, engineers can easily handle design parts, also designers can easily create, modify many many parts and assemblies without any problem. But they are very expensive, to buy or not to buy, I think, it depends on your product or your customer’s requirement, you know, there are a lot of professional CAD/CAM softwares to choose from.

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