FMS Sourcing Team Is Your Best Choice For Sourcing In China Most discussions on strategies to reduce sourcing cost have focused on low-cost national sourcing. With the right sourcing plans, companies using Chinese sourcing agents can get big benefit, as long as they can ensure cooperation with the correct Chinese sourcing agents. Many problems can [...]

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Mold Making

First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has a team and strategic partners of rich experience in mold making. Our philosophy is simple: do better than our competitors and provide more benefits to our customers. Eliminate unnecessary costs – we use our proven expertise from the start to produce products and molds efficiently and cost-effectively in China. [...]

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FMS Prototyping Is Professional Prototyping is an indispensable step in new product development and mold manufacturing. Although 3D printing technology has increasingly entered this field, traditional prototype manufacturing is still an important means to verify the manufacturability of molds,FMS team is willing to provide cost-effective prototype manufacturing service for your new products and new molds, Our [...]

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