FIRST-RATE MOLD SOLUTION CO.,LTD’s FTP site is available as a convenient way for customers to upload or download files when necessary. There are two secure accounts as detailed below.

Upload Account
This account may only upload files and only has access to the upload directory. Files placed in the upload directory will remain visible only in the current session and may not be viewed, modified, or downloaded by any account users once placed on the server.
Clients interested in uploading files should request access by email. A reply will be sent with the FTP address, login, and password. Only one request for access is needed.

Download Account
This account may only download files and only has access to the download directory. All files in the download directory are visible to the user. All files available for download are password protected and the user must have the unique password required to open their specific file.
Each time a download is available for a client, they will receive an email with the FTP address, login and password, downloadable file name, and the unique file password.