If the IT or production manager is trying to implement a system that the CEO/CFO or other department heads do not agree with, then there is little or no hope of getting others on board, or indeed getting budget allocated to acquire a suitable system.

Directors need to drive the system through the company and, rather than forcing it on an unwilling team of managers they should concentrate on demonstrating the benefits that will be delivered to each department and across the company. By their nature, people are resistant to change unless it is clearly demonstrated to them that they will benefit. Furthermore, in these economically tough times staff is fearful of anything that can reduce a company’s dependence on them.

Choosing the right system also can be a minefield. Remember, the software should be flexible enough to fit with your business requirements rather than you having to change your business in order to work within the constraints of the software. Having said that, maybe it’s time to reassess the way you currently operate. Is it efficient? Does it comply with some of today’s forward-thinking strategies, such as lean and Six Sigma? Having a clear view of the goals, both for each department and for the business as a whole, is paramount before you sign on the dotted line.

Many companies delay implementation of a system (even after spending time selecting it) because they are simply too busy; however, this is a false economy leading in ever-decreasing circles. They are busy because they don’t have MRP running, so by not implementing it or by doing so half-heartedly they simply make the situation worse.