From the right choice of your product design, tool inserts, tool materials, cooling layout, molding process settings, machine details, gate details, runners to material selection and a variety of different modeling techniques, each component is precisely Modeling.

Complete pre-project expert review, including product design, mold details, processing setup, plastic materials, machines, casting options, product functional requirements, various safety/specification requirements, weld/structural issues, stress issues, warpage issues, and shrinkage issues .

Our experience is unique, but the expertise of some resources is limited to running software and providing results without qualified experience and educational expertise, compared to experience from other sources.

Our professional reports include all animations, dynamic rotations, all different results with specific comments / obvious in detail issues, optimal solutions and expert advice to improve design, machining, runners, tools, overall cycle time, build complete The reference, detailed iteration/selection, comparison of results, all mold problems, and warpage issues are shown in a simple slideshow.

If you need to use the MFR file to complete the output of the result, or you need to use the output of the distorted part data to compare or use the distortion built into it in the tool, use the MFR file to complete the output of the result.

Continuous Improvement Program – If you provide us with your test results, reference parts, mold installation data, and warpage measurements, track and complete the comparison of fill, cool, and warpage analysis results. These observations are used to continuously improve our accuracy and problem-solving techniques.

Provide special customer feedback rebates for all customers who actively provide feedback. Use your feedback to save on future project costs and increase the accuracy and confidence in our services.

Moldflow improves your molding operations by improving design/tools/processes, reducing repair time, eliminating some trials, improving quality parts, reducing cycle time, balancing fill and pressure distribution, balancing runners and gates, and reducing clamp tonnage , Flash eliminates, reduces or eliminates sink or flow marks problems, eliminates weld line/vent /burning problems, reduces scrap, dimensional stability, improves cooling, and more.

All of your parts using molded simulation analysis can achieve significant cost savings throughout the design, tools, and production, powerful engineering methods in the product development cycle, and access to the latest technology and qualified expertise without any additional Capital investment, overall improve product quality, reduce costs and time, improve manufacturing operations and reduce quality issues, and maximize your return on investment.