Aberration refers to the discrepancy of color on the products wherein the tint is uneven. The causes whereof comprise:

1 Polluted raw materials;
2 Uneven distribution of colorant;
3 Unstable colorant;
4 Degradation of materials;
5 Overlarge dosage of mold release agent.
The solutions include:
1 Improve the purity of raw materials, reduce dosage of volatile additives in the materials and dry them sufficiently.

2 Improve thermal stability of materials and colorant and increase dispersibility of colorant.

3 Check thermocouple, temperature control instrument and heating system for maladjustment or malfunction (if any); reduce melt plastication temperature.
4 Optimize plastication screw structure, properly reduce rotation speed of screw and plastication pressure, and improve melt plastication quality.
5 Reduce stockpile of melt in the plastication room at the front of barrel.
6 Properly reduce injection pressure and screw injection rate.
7 Optimize design of feed system, properly increase dimension of nozzle, runner and gate, and reduce shearing and flow rate of melt.
8 Properly reduce dosage of mold release agent.

9 Reinforce setting of mold exhausting system.