Nowadays, brands are aware that personalization creates value for customers. It is easier to start offering product customization, considering the opportunities it provides. Here are some more reasons why mass personalization is becoming popular:

Generate More Sales

Not only do the personalized product have the potential to skyrocket your sales, but it also brings brand loyalty and word-of-mouth publicity.

A study suggests that 36% of consumers would consider buying customized products and services. Another study states that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product. This indicates a shift in the general consumer mentality away from the economic cost and towards the inherent value of the product. A study even shows that 48% of customers agreed that they’re ready to wait longer for a customized product or service.

Widen the Profit Margin

Most traditional printers buy raw materials from third-party manufacturers. The traditional business model always puts businesses at risk by stockpiling the products in bulk. All this with absolutely no guarantee whether the entire stockpile might sell or not.

With remote printing businesses and start-ups, entrepreneurs no longer require to print a number of identical items in the hope of making a profit. Anyone with a digital printer and a desktop computer can print short runs of personalized items quickly. It also minimizes the outsourcing demands.

Makes You Look Unique

Consumers surely love to shop from stores which have hundred different products. Let us assume there’s a store that has a long-listed catalog with different images and patterns of their products. There’s another store where they could just walk in and ask for products with any image they want. Such as a quote, a cartoon, a superhero character, a family photo, and so on.

Given a choice, most people will always choose the latter one to get their dream product design. This proves to be extremely lucrative for the companies offering customization. Clients are more likely to see these businesses as unique and out of the box. This can make a huge difference in their buying decision-making process.

Branch out Your Existing Printing Business

The biggest benefit of product customization is that the existing print companies do not need to trash their business model. They do not need to throw out all the existing equipment to buy fresh ones. All they need to do is just branch out of their existing business and increase their inventory.

All they will need is a product customization tool to design your ideas. they may require software like a print job manager, ERP manager, inventory manager, and so on. It all boils down to individual needs.

If you’re looking to get into customization but are unsure, here’s a tip. You can offer customization for the products that you already sell. Say, for example, if you’re selling bags and clutches, you can invest in the customization equipment and software that lets you customize your bags and clutches. With either option, you have to make a relatively small investment that would allow you to increase the mark-up on your existing products.

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Product customization is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. When customers can personalize products according to their taste, they get exactly what they want, and their satisfaction level goes up to 101! They see the product as a unique item, with added value made just for them! If your customer feels like they have your undivided attention, they are more likely to establish a lasting relationship with your brand.

The customer data can work wonders for you too. Knowing the consumer trends and buying habits are strong tools in any business. Customer insights give you a strong competitive advantage. Normal businesses can only gather data and feedback on the items they have in stock. Product customization gives you an edge. You have the chance to know your customers in ways their competitors can’t come close to!

So, these were a few advantages of product customization. It is essential to take note here that despite these advantages, many mass customization businesses fail. If these disadvantages of mass customization are not taken into consideration, then they can convert into a catastrophe. Let us have a closer look at the challenges so that you can address them beforehand and plan accordingly.