Finding Chinese suppliers requires a huge commitment. It involves factory visits, sample requests, negotiations, ensuring compliance with European standards and good production monitoring. To face this difficult task, a sourcing agent China offers efficient solutions.

 What is a sourcing agent China?

As a third-party service provider, a sourcing agent in China or procurement agent has the mission to connect Chinese suppliers with foreign companies. By definition, it is a company or an individual who looks for Chinese suppliers for its client. Today, a sourcing agent China does much more than that, he represents you in China and takes care of all the operations related to your importation from China. They are experts in import-export who master the Chinese market and have many partners in China.

 Specifically, a China sourcing company or China sourcing agency is an agent that is supported by a team of on-site sourcing experts who visit factories to conduct factory audits or product inspections in China. Sourcing companies can more easily contact and negotiate with Chinese suppliers and meet the needs of many different buyers at the same time.

You should always try to work with international companies that have been established in China for a long time. Avoid young sourcing agents or those who offer goods at the lowest price.

 Why work with a sourcing agent China?

You should consider using the services of a sourcing agent China if you are looking for products in China at low or even best prices. The China sourcing agent works with a network of Chinese manufacturers, meaning that he has access to the lowest prices available and negotiate the best deal for you.

 This allows you to save money and focus on other aspects of running your business.

 Some companies can afford to manage international purchasing in-house with their own sales and purchasing departments, while others are forced to have their buyers play multiple roles. Being able to manage all phases of a project is reassuring, however, some projects require special attention. Using a China sourcing agent does not mean losing control, as it sometimes happens when a task is outsourced… on the contrary, the China sourcing agent is a partner.

 His experience and knowledge of the Chinese market allow the sourcing agent China to help you overcome the main challenges of importing:

 Optimize costs: supplier selection, MOQ negotiation, Incoterms selection, transport optimization, price negotiation, etc. The sourcing agent China is the ideal partner to do this.

Ensure product quality: factory audit, supplier verification, prototype realization, compliance with specifications, product inspection, testing, container loading supervision, etc.

Minimize risks: communication with the supplier, control at each step of the supply chain, organization of shipping, etc.

Save time: communicating with a Chinese supplier from your country takes a lot of time due to the time lag. The China sourcing agent will do it for you and will keep you informed throughout the supply process.

Avoid misunderstandings due to cultural differences: the sourcing agent China will stand between you and the Chinese supplier in order to facilitate the exchanges and make sure that your requirements are understood. A sourcing agent China speaks Chinese and communicates and negotiates directly with the Chinese manufacturers, so the risk of misunderstanding is nil. More importantly, a chinese sourcing agent knows the business processes in China and especially the ways to negotiate.

Having access to a wide network of relationships: more than services, you pay a sourcing agent China for its experience and its large network of suppliers in China. Their experience allows them to have worked with many suppliers, they will know which one best suit your needs and requirements.

While it is true that a sourcing agent China involves an additional cost to use its services, if a company is not willing to invest significant resources abroad to oversee and manage its outsourced production, a sourcing company like Asiaction provides a better solution and helps protect the interests of buyers.