Partnering with a China sourcing agent who can act as the go-between is the best way to avoid getting scammed or making poor sourcing decisions. Experienced China sourcing agents have the inside knowledge of how the supply chains work in China. They know which sellers are genuine, and can carry out onsite inspection of the manufacturing facility. Working with a China sourcing agent is highly recommended, particularly when you do not have much experience as an Amazon seller or sourcing products from China.

A China sourcing agent helps you get your products manufactured to precise technical specifications. These agents have offices in China and can make factory visits to monitor quality control processes and check on whether the manufacturing processes are compliant with your standards and product specifics. The agents also inspect raw materials and monitor the first batches to determine their quality.

Agents with an on-ground presence in China also speak Mandarin well, which means the communication and cultural barriers will be diminished. The agent not only negotiates the price better but relays the technical and other specifications to the Chinese manufacturer in a precise way that would eliminate confusion or misunderstanding.

Working with a sourcing agent is the best way to build a long-term, strong relationship with Chinese suppliers. The agents establish sourcing strategies that prevent and protect you from the consequences of engaging with the wrong supplier and the impact of natural disasters such as COVID-19. While crises such as the ongoing pandemic can create unpredictable supply chain disruptions, experienced agents can come up with smart strategies that limit the negative effects (both digital and physical) that you face as an Amazon seller during disasters. This enables you to rebound quickly once the crisis has subsided. In other words, partnering with a reputable and experienced China sourcing agent empowers you to look beyond the supply chain disruptions and recreate business success.