Nylons are generally tough and strong and boast high oil resistance and chemical resistance. They can be in stable use whether under high temperature or low temperature and hence possess excellent qualification for being used as engineering plastic. The friction coefficient of nylons is small, which indicates that it is high in abrasion resistance. Their friction coefficient against steel is 0.15, whereas that of polyamide against polyamide is 0.1, therefore, nylons or polyamide resins are specially used to manufacture mechanical parts and pulleys such as the small gears, cam and axletrees of recorders, duplicating machines as well as computers, Nylons can aborb moistures easily, whereby their dimension and strength will change with the absorption. Hence, special attention should be paid when it requires high precision and the materials must be fully dried during molding.

The substance can be used to make such products as gears, connector of electric appliances, lamp shells, engine fan blades, mirrors, crusts, electronic parts, axletrees, computers, TV modules, roller skates soles, ball cases, zippers, fishing threads, brush hair, combs, high pressure tubes and gunstock etc.