EDM training is very important

Increasing the effectiveness of EDM operations does not come solely with technological improvements in the EDM sinker. This is one of many aspects needing to be considered when working to optimize EDM performance and increase productivity. Other areas of consideration include the type of dielectric fluid, tooling and electrode material used in the EDM applications. [...]

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A “different” type of mold is the Hybrid Mold

For years we have been hearing about the virtues of aluminum molds for injection parts, and First-rate mold company’s Mold Builders has built its fair share—mostly for special-purpose applications that did not require many actions. For smaller molds using specialty aluminum has its benefits; and, if cycle times are critical, you can justify the high [...]

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Copper impregnated graphite helps EDM in moldmaking

Common work metals, such as tool steels, are easy to EDM with traditional graphite electrodes. Others are not. Because of their unique characteristics, questions continue to arise about effectively EDMing materials like Beryllium Copper, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. Even though graph-ite electrodes do an admirable job of EDMing these exotic metals, there is a more [...]

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