Advantages of software specialized for plastic product design and mold manufacturing will be demonstrated Plastic Products and Molds Require Specialized CAD/CAM, there will be ongoing demonstrations showing how companies worldwide are optimizing their plastic product design and mold manufacture. For plastic product designers, there will be demonstrations showing how to design with free form surfaces, how draft angles can be automatically designed into a product, and the benefits of plastic processing know-how built into a CAD/CAM product.

For mold manufacturers, demonstrations will show how to import and handle massively large files, how to clean-up “dirty” files received from customers, how to use automated mold design tools, and how to reduce mold machine and polish times.

With all the complexities involved in designing plastic products, many aspects need to be considered in the selection of software for plastic product design and mold manufacture. For example, shapes of plastic products, whether highly stylized for the consumer market or intricately and ergonomically shaped for the medical market, are much more complex than prismatic shapes typically encountered in industrial machinery and as such require a high degree of free form design to achieve the desired intent. Likewise, design and manufacture of the molds used for production need to be taken into consideration when designing plastic parts.

I think UGNX is a pioneering developer of CAD/CAM solutions for industrial designers, engineers and CNC programmers. UGNX enables speedy design with fully integrated, accurate manufacturing. Using a blazing fast hybrid modeling engine, engineers can take advantage of the speed of solids with the flexibility of Class A surfaces. Designers can create, modify, visualize, document and machine a vast array of parts and assemblies. From the entry-level Modeler, to the complete End-to-End, UGNX delivers power, performance and productivity.