Maybe you don’t understand when you look at this title, at first, Plastic materials fall into two basic types of process groups: Thermoset and Thermoplastic.

Most injection molding plastics are thermoplastics, thermoplastics can be Re-using materials by adding regrind , so recycling makes sense. you know, after A mass injection molding production, we will generate many runners and scrap parts, they can be reprocessed.

Also Thermoplastics fall into two distinctive molecular groups: amorphous and crystalline.

For Amorphous materials, when they are processed, they act like honey, but please don’t misunderstand, they never really melt, they just soften and are formed under pressure.

For Crystalline materials, compared to Amorphous materials, they are a little different, when they are processed, they remain a solid until a certain temperature is reached

But as long as the melt temperature is achieved, the materials flow very easily with very low viscosities.

As for Thermoset materials, they are like working with epoxy, their characteristics are quite different with the characteristics of Thermoplastic materials, The material cannot again be processed after completing a molding cycle in a mold. Examples of thermoset materials are Alkyd, Polyesters, Melamine and Phenolic.

Thermoplastic product                                                    Thermoset product

Thermoplastic productThermoset product