From concept to detailed design and onto drawing production, CATIA V5 mechanical design accelerates the core activities of product development. Its products also address sheet metal and mold manufacturing requirements through dedicated applications that dramatically enhance productivity and reduce time-to-market. The main highlights include:

An advanced 3D product creation package – This package includes comprehensive part and assembly design features, as well as associative drawing extraction capabilities. Designers will also find all the two-dimensional (2D) drafting capabilities required for efficient drawing production.
Productive and intuitive design of sheet metal parts – The feature-based approach offers a highly productive and intuitive design environment. It allows for concurrent engineering between the folded or unfolded representation of the part to deliver increased levels of productivity.
Rapid, cost-effective creation of mold tools – CATIA V5 Mechanical Design products provide dedicated tools to address the plastic injection process. They also provide a fast splitting tool that takes a surface or solid part and separates it into a core and cavity with sliders and loose cores. These applications greatly enhance design productivity through advanced mold simulation features for the production of assembly drawings and the machining of mold assemblies.
Simple and quick creation of all types of structures – This capability addresses preliminary and detailed design requirements for products such as heavy machinery and equipment, tooling jigs, shipbuilding foundations and manufacturing plant foundations.
Specification-driven modelling, generative applications and controlled associativity – These features deliver highly productive and robust engineering change management. Engineering changes can be associatively propagated through the entire product definition and with related life-cycle processes. This dramatically reduces development time and costs, while eliminating any risk of human error or design inconsistency.