Today we introduce something about plastic extrusion molding, because many products around us belong to plastic extrusion molding, The plastic extrusion molding process usually begins with a thermoplastic in the form of pellets or granules. They are usually stored in a hopper (a funnel-shaped receptacle) before they are delivered to a heated barrel. The molten plastic is then forced through a shaped orifice, usually a custom steel die with shape of the cross section of the intended part, for example, it can form a tube-like or rod-like continuos workpiece, of course, if you are interested in it, and Pay your attention to look at the products around you, maybe you can find many other examples.

The advantage of Extrusion molding is to keep the cost down, because it maintains a constant cross-section in almost all cases, and it is easy to find a thermoplastic to be used for extrusion,  materials with higher stiffness and/or strength in the molten state are suitable for Extrusion molding.

In the aspect of product design, an important requirement for an extruded part is to keep the wall thickness as uniform as possible, secondly please avoid sharp corners in your extruded part design。

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