Phenol resins are made from phenol and formaldehyde and mostly contain such fillers as wood meal, asbestos, craft paper and cloth. Molding will be a lot easier when being added with wood meal, the heat resistance can be improved with asbestos in it, with mica the electric insulation can be increased, with long fiber the mechanical intensity can be strengthened. And with synthetic fiber the electric insulation and intensity can be increased. The substance in provided with high mechanical intensity, sound electric insulation and heat resistance as well as resistance against such strong acid as vitriol, it is noncombustible and can be molded easily. Above all, it is also possesses high precision. Mechanical processing is simple and easy. Furthermore, it is cheap and durable.
The substance can be eroded by alkali solvent. The original color is snuff color which can discolor easily.
Phenol resins can be made into such products as electric insulation materials, electric and mechanical parts, communications parts, wiring instruments, linkers, switches, sockets, kettle, handles of electric iron and beaters.