Moldflow’s plastic injection molding simulation software products are the world’s most widely used, technically advanced software products in the plastic injection molding industry.

Thousands of companies worldwide have performed millions of analyses using Moldflow simulation software products, which include Moldflow Plastics Advisers® (MPA®) and Moldflow Plastics Insight® (MPI®). Overall, Moldflow products can be used to simulate the broadest range of injection molding processes to predict and avoid potential manufacturing defects, and they are supported by the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable team of plastics professionals in 14 countries worldwide.
Only from Moldflow:

1) Dual Domain Technology – A patented finite element mesh generation method, Dual Domain technology allows 3D CAD solid models to be analyzed directly, eliminating the time-consuming step of creating a traditional midplane analysis model. This technology can save hours to days to weeks of model preparation time and allows for the analysis of every part design iteration. Dual Domain technology is the foundation of MPA and MPI/Fusion products.

2) True 3D Solutions – The world’s best full 3D analysis solution developed to support geometries that do not conform to traditional, thin-wall designs. MPI/3D allows you to analyze thick, solid plastic parts such as electrical connectors, toys and structural components.

3) Broadest Range of Solutions – MPI supports the most comprehensive range of thermoplastics and thermoset injection molding processes as well as niches such as Gas-assist, Co-injection, Injection-compression, MuCell®, Microchip encapsulation and Underfill encapsulation.

4) Solutions for Every Type of User and Company – For large or small companies, casual or dedicated users and preliminary or in-depth analysis, Moldflow has the right solution for you. Moldflow’s MPA product line is ideal for small to midrange companies who must rely on casual analysis users to perform preliminary design analysis and optimization. MPI is the world’s most popular in-depth molding analysis and optimization product providing the most comprehensive tool set and control options to perform detailed analyses on a wide variety of injection molded applications.

5) Simulation of In-mold Assembly Processes – Moldflow’s ability to simulate the insert overmolding, 2-shot sequential overmolding and in-mold labeling processes is unmatched in the industry.

6) Core Shift Analysis – MPI provides a unique multi-physics solution to simulate injection mold core shift, which is defined as the movement of a core caused by non-uniform pres-sure distribution during the filling and packing stages of the injection molding process. Core shift typically causes molded part wall thickness variation which can result in both structural and cosmetic defects.

7) Moldflow Plastics Labs – A prerequisite for accurate CAE analysis results is accurate material data. With over 8,000 grades of plastics materials in the Moldflow material database and 2 advanced testing laboratories, Moldflow is the clear-cut leader when it comes to understanding the material characteristics and test methods required to ensure accurate injection molding simulation results.

8) Moldflow Center for Professional Development (MCPD) – Just as important as the products we offer, are the services that support these products. The MCPD provides a complete suite of training materials and classes for Moldflow-specific as well as general injection molding related topics. Classes are offered in a variety of formats – on-line (web based), self-paced and traditional classroom based.