First rate mold company with our experience and expertise in 3D technologies can help you in 3D Plastic product design.

Our technology based services in areas of stress analysis, injection mould design, and sourcing give us an extra edge to enhance our core plastic product design capabilities. We can assist you with plastic product designing from the conceptual stage, or if widespread modifications are required to go into the process, working closely with rotational molder we ensure a successful launch of your product.
A good plastic product design is born with the aid of superior plastic injection mold, excellent plastic parts creating skills and great communication and is not dependant on the location of the facility. The initial stage is getting the plastic parts designed properly by a mould designer directly, or a part designer can design and the mould designer can work on it to make it mold compatible and check with the parts designer to verify.
A superior plastic product design is the outcome of the combined work of a mould designer and a parts designer. The two are separate areas of expertise; one based on designing for function while the other for mould ability. Experience matters, and only persons with expertise in designing plastic injection moulds can get the parts designed right to suit high quality moulds.