Injection molding is a manufacturing process used in creating a wide range of products in a short amount of time. For an effective manufacturing process, a durable mold is crucial in injection molding as it ensures consistency in the quality of part production. However, due to mold design inconsistency can comprise the final product quality. This is where mold flow analysis comes in.

What Is Mold Flow Analysis?

Mold flow analysis is the simulation of an injection molding cycle by using a particular plastic. It normally occurs before the injection molding process. Therefore, it makes it easy to optimize the mold design and create exceptional parts without post-production issues.

With mold flow analysis, design engineers can have a virtual preview of how the preferred material will fill the mold cavity. Consequently, they can correct irregularities before the actual production of the parts.

Online Moldflow Analysis

Injection molding should begin with an online Moldflow analysis. Online Moldflow analysis involves using an advanced injection molding analysis software to simulates the intended design of parts, the fill time, and the melt temperature of the molten plastic.

The predictive ability of mold flow analysis is important for reducing production costs before the actual manufacture of the tools. Therefore, by understanding Moldflow analysis, design engineers can save time, resources, and production costs.

How Does Mold Flow Analysis Improve Mold Design?

Mold flow analysis is a powerful process that allows engineers to identify specific design issues early in the process. It also allows for earlier optimization of part design and a reduced cost for retooling later in the process.

  • Reduction in Part Warping

Injection molding of parts with different wall thickness can cause unintended warping due to pressure. These issues can be identified and solved using mold flow analysis before a mold goes into production.

  • Ensures Uniform Filling of Mold Cavities

Mold flow analysis ensures a uniform filling of mold cavities. Therefore, it minimizes the possibility of air trapped between mold cavities. It also reduces surface defects such as sink marks and weld lines. Additionally, it assists engineers in determining the best location of gate placement to allow consistent and uniform distribution of resin across the mold.

  • It Allows Comparing Physical and Chemical Attributes Before Production

Online mold flow analysis provides engineers with a means of comparing the physical and chemical attributes of various manufacturing materials before production. It allows engineers to choose an appropriate material to align the part’s composition with its intended purpose.