The different advantages of different sourcing channels

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at importing to your country, you’ve probably already been searching online or attending trade fairs looking for suppliers. What you may not be aware of is that many of the websites you have been visiting and the exhibition booths you’ve stopped at do not actually belong to manufacturers [...]

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Do you prefer to source from a trading company or work with a factory?

What is a trading company? A trading company – sometimes called a vendor – works as an agent connecting buyers and sellers without having any involvement in the ownership or manufacturing of the product sold. And when searching on websites like Alibaba and Global Sources, you might find most of the companies listed are not [...]

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Some Advice for Online Retailers on Getting Products

Online retailers of all sizes have several options when it comes to sourcing their products. Retailers may get their products from: manufacturers / affordable wholesalers / various distributors Online retailers may source products domestically or internationally. Quality and price vary widely, so start with thorough research and product samples. If you are planning on starting [...]

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Should buyers source products from trading companies or manufacturers?

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated e-commerce growth — it’s been forecasted that online sales grew by 32.4% in 2020. The types of products consumers are interested in have also shifted, with exercise bands, kayak accessories, kitchen furniture, and others seeing increased growth. If you’re looking to capitalize on these trends, you need to find the [...]

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The importance of DFM/DFT reports for Getting a successful product

Of all the best practices an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) should adhere to, perhaps the best differentiator to identify a leading CM is Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) reporting. DFM and DFT reports ensure customer (that’s you) satisfaction, quality control, and predictable costs. These reports should have detailed descriptions of the [...]

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The process of the Plastic Product Customization

Product customization is an ultimate opportunity to cater to your clients without altering your production chain significantly. Small changes mean the world to clients when those changes are personal. Engraving products or altering the color of a component make the product feel special to the client – and they are when made to order through [...]

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How to outsource your plastic parts

When companies are smart enough to take advantage of the expertise of their molding partners, the result is to have the most effectively molded parts possible. The value of design outsourcing experience According to field experts, poor design creates product flaws that will emerge during the fabrication process. This leads to expensive redesigns and compromises [...]

Some basic rules for designing plastic molded parts

Design engineers don’t have to be fluid dynamics experts to injection mold plastic parts without a hitch. The following rules will help engineers avoid problems when designing injection-molded plastic parts: Rule 1: Keep Wall Thickness Consistent Plastic part walls must be uniform in thickness. This is the most basic design parameter, and strict adherence to [...]

Moldflow Is Very Important To The Injection Mold Industry

Mold flow simulation is a crucial part of engineering and producing molded plastics for a range of purposes. Molded products requiring custom injection should always have a simulation done before producing a prototype, as this increases the chances of a successful product. With advances in technology, the in-house engineering team of a molded plastic manufacturer [...]


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