The solution of making complex texturing on mold surface

The mold manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. As a result, options for overcoming complex mold texturing challenges are evolving, too. Our complex marketplace demands new and innovative design possibilities with higher accuracy and tighter tolerances while keeping production times as short as possible. For example, some projects may require depth or detail unachievable by acid [...]

How to choose a hot runner system for resins containing fibrous materials

Here are five considerations that a hot runner supplier and a moldmaker/molder should discuss when using fiber-reinforced materials, such as those with glass filler, wood fibers (lignite in biomaterials) and wool fibers: 1) Tip selection: The key with tip selection is maintaining appropriate heat as close to the gate as possible, while maintaining a reasonable [...]

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Mold design for public transport interiors

Industrial designers working on public transport interiors were historically held back with some unique design constraints. The brief usually includes making sure the part fits into the available space, keeping it functional but lightweight, and only then start considering the aesthetics. As manufacturers produce lower volumes of these parts, injection molding isn’t really an option [...]

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Why It is wise to work with a Chinese sourcing agent

By now, it should be obvious who would benefit from a sourcing agent and their services and why it makes sense to use a sourcing service. Many people are not completely convinced and think they can save money working directly with manufacturers.  However, it is important to consider a sourcing agent for the following reasons. [...]

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Reliable China Sourcing Agents Can Help You During COVID-19

What does sourcing and purchasing from China look like during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions, lack of components, and logistics crisis? For some companies, it looks like business as usual. It is still necessary to do background checks and verify the capabilities of suppliers so that you know who you are dealing with and that [...]

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Made in China can grow your business

Chinese manufacturing is a practice that U.S. and international businesses have recognized as an essential asset to reducing prices for their products. It’s utilized by some of the most prominent brands and it has become a staple to successful manufacturing. As domestic prices rise, the need for affordable overseas manufacturing grows. China has answered that [...]

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My experience with Moldflow

We perform a complete mold flow analysis on every new injection mold we build. The moldflow software today is very accurate at predicting potential injection molding problems and bring benefits. By optimizing the cooling circuitry valuable cycle time can be reduced. Warpage data can be used to play critical features steel safe or modify the [...]

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Does Moldflow really help injection molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing process used in creating a wide range of products in a short amount of time. For an effective manufacturing process, a durable mold is crucial in injection molding as it ensures consistency in the quality of part production. However, due to mold design inconsistency can comprise the final product quality. [...]

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