When it comes to the topic: how to secure workshops or tools library from theft, perhaps most people would tend to go for a security camera system. There are a great number of workshop security camera systems to choose. What kind of security camera system suits your workshop or work place best? What elements should you consider?

With the increasing of workshop theft, it’s not enough to protect your workshop or workroom with common methods (such as installing a second lock or reinforcing the workshop door). By installing a security camera, you can get a long-term peace of mind and enhance your workshop’s security. There are many things to consider when you choose a security camera. Here is a guide to help you choose a suitable security camera to secure your workshop or backshops.

All You Need to Know When You Choose a Security Camera for Your Workshop

When you head to search for a suitable security camera system for your workshop, you need to know what kind of security camera system is your best choice. Read on for more details on finding a best workshop security camera system.

Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

Both outdoor and indoor security cameras are excellent. It depends on where you install your security camera systems. If your workshop or atelier is at your home or indoor, just go for an indoor security camera system.

In terms of outdoor security cameras, this kind of workshop camera can satisfy both outdoor and indoor use, since outdoor security cameras are equipped with waterproof and weatherproof function. You can view sharp images and videos even in a rainy day.

Outdoor and Indoor Security Camera

PoE and WiFi Security Cameras

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables you to use a single cable for both video and power transmission. Thus, PoE security cameras make the wiring simplified and installation easier.

WiFi security cameras offer you more flexibility when you install security cameras for your workshop. Dual-mode WiFi security cameras are your best choice. Dual-mode WiFi guarantees that you never suffer from signal loss and interference.

PoE and WiFi Security Cameras

All in all, both security cameras offer easy installation and “play and plug” (P & P) convenience. They are the best choices of DIY enthusiasts. Even you have no knowledge of security camera systems, you can still install security cameras for your workshop without any trouble.

1440p, 1080p and 720p Security Cameras

When choosing a security camera for your workshop, you would see 3 different high-resolution security cameras: 1440p, 1080p and 720p security cameras. You can view sharper images and videos with 1440p security cameras compared with 1080p and 720p security cameras.

4MP VS 2MP VS 1MP Security Camera

Not all security camera brands offer 1440p security cameras, so you need to choose a reliable one for your workshop security. You can get more detailed information about the 3 high-resolution security cameras in 1440p Security Camera VS 1080p Security Camera VS 720p Security Camera.

Bullet, Dome and PTZ Security Cameras

You would see 3 types of security cameras when you search your workshop security cameras: bullet, dome and PTZ security cameras.

Bullet security cameras. Named for its streamline, bullet security cameras are suitable for wall or ceiling mount. They are ideal for entrances such as a porch area.

Dome security cameras. Dome cameras are also suitable for entryway. However, unlike bullet cameras, it is difficult to tell where the cameras are pointed, increasing their purpose as a deterrent.

PTZ security cameras. This kind of security camera features its 360 degrees all-round direction security, leaving no blind spots, while a fixed IP camera fails to. PTZ cameras are more intelligent and capable of remote direction and zoom control.

For more details of the above security cameras.

Security Cameras with 24/7/365 Recording

When you are not at your workshop or tool room, you want to know what happened during your absence. With your security cameras’ 24/7 recording function, you won’t miss a single detail of your workshop’s security situation.

If a thief sneaks into your workshop or tool room to steal your valuable equipment and tools, your security camera systems will record everything, including the thief’s face. With the evidence, you can catch the thief easier. You can view our previous post How to Choose a 24/7 Security Camera (System) to help you choose a suitable 24/7 security camera (system).

Security Cameras with Remote Access and Motion Detection

Remote access offers you great convenience. You can access you security cameras locally and remotely via mobile device to view live streaming and play back recorded videos. If you are at home or outside, you can view your workshop just by taking a look at your smart phone, your iPad or other mobile device. Nothing can escape your workshop security cameras’ “eyes”.

Motion detection is one of the nicest features of security cameras. When motion events are detected, for example, a thief breaks into your workshop, your workshop security cameras will alert you by sending e-mails and pushing notification to your device. Thus you can take actions immediately to prevent your future loss.

Security Cameras with Night Vision

Workshop burglars like visiting your workshop at night. Night vision security cameras can capture crystal clear video evidence of theft and vandalism that occur in low-light conditions while standard security cameras fail to do so. Under the protection of night vision security cameras, your workshop or fab lab’s security can be ensured both in day time and night time.

In terms of security cameras with night vision, you need to choose one with long infrared (IR) distance. There are two kinds of night vision security cameras: color, black and white. Color night vision security cameras allow you to view an object’s color just like in day time, but that requires a high light level in your workshop or tools library. Black and white security cameras are an ideal option when in low-light conditions, which allows you to view images and videos clearly. Just choose a suitable one according to your workshop’s light level.

Security NVR Kit Systems

If you intend to buy multiple IP security cameras, or if you want 24/7 recording, a NVR is your best choice. The NVR works perfectly and efficiently with your security cameras four round-the-clock monitoring and recording for your workshop or laboratory. 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel NVRs are the most common NVRs in the market. 4-channel NVR can record 4 cameras at the same time. You can add all kinds of cameras later, including bullet, dome and PTZ cameras, if the NVR has ample channels.

Normally, a NVR will have a built-in HDD, which is used to store videos. You may ask: How much space do I need to store videos and how long will videos be stored there? Here is an example of calculating the recording size and how long the HDD can record and save.

One 1440p camera records one day (24 hours) in one channel of the NVR.

Factors include:

Bitrate (kb/s, Bitrate/8) / 3600 (seconds, 1hour) / 24 (hour, 1 day) / 30 (days) 1 (camera number)

PS: 1T=1024GB / 1G=1024MB / 1MB=1024KB / Normally, 1440p (4MP) bitrate is 6144kb/s.

Calculation formula: 6144/8 x 3600 x 24 x 1 x 1 = 63.28G

If your NVR has 2TB built-in HDD, it can support 4CH 4MP cameras recording for 8 days. If you want to save the capacity or storage, you can lower the bitrate to record longer time.

To access your security camera systems locally and remotely, you need a special client or app. Usually, security camera companies would provide you with corresponding free client software and apps if you purchase their products. Besides, you can also use third-party software to access the security cameras systems of your workshop building.

A security camera system, including PoE and WiFi camera system, has its own local network. Once the camera system is powered, it will start recording. Without network, the security camera system can still perform perfectly.

Where to Buy Your Workshop Security Camera Systems

Thanks for the convenient Internet, you can purchase your workshop security camera systems on security camera online shop, eBay, Walmart, Amazon, etc. You would be drown in a great number of security camera options when you search your workshop security camera systems. Just take the above security camera specifics into consideration, you can find the best one for your workshop or studio.

How to identify which security camera brands are reliable? Here are several simple ways to identify a reliable security camera brand.

Check whether the brand offers a full range of security products.

Confirm the brand’s after-sale service, including the warranty.

Google the brand’s reputation in the industry.

Check the brand’s product customer comments.

By using these simple ways, you can choose a reliable security camera brand easily. If you want me to recommend a brand for you, I think our security products are a good choice. we offer high-quality security products with preferential price, and its cameras are all DIY cameras without any contract. If you need to consider your budget, you can take our security products into account.

You can save your money when buying a security camera system with these methods.

In conclusion, for not being a victim of workshop theft, you should install security camera systems to protect your workshop from thieves. Just make sure that the security camera brand you choose is reliable.