FMS Mold Engineering Service Is A Value-added Service

As the mold technology and experience of FMS Team have been recognized by more and more customers, we have begun to accept  our customer’s mold manufacturing projects.

Collaborative Mold Engineering: Now we have realized collaborative mold engineering through the Internet. You can view our mold making and assembly and mold tryouts online at any time, just as if we were working in your molding shop or mold shop or engineering department. Our customers are very satisfied.

Our operating model is very different from the operating models of mold companies that directly accept outsourced mold manufacturing projects. Our team directly represents   our customers to strictly supervise and guide the mold manufacturers, so that the customer’s molds can completely meet the requirements of our customers.

We have two types of customers

1) The customer’s molds are designed by FMS designers. The advantage of this type of order is that we are very familiar with these molds that need to be manufactured by outsourced plant and their technical requirements.

2) The customers directly send their mold designs to FMS Team. We need to learn their mold designs, and deeply communicate with the customer’s designers and keep communication at any time.

The core of FMS Mold Engineering Solution is that we stand on the side of our customers and ensure the interests of our customers to the maximum

       FMS Mold Engineering Solutions:

  • When we receive the mold manufacturing order entrusted by our customers, after we understand the design and technical requirements of the entire mold, our engineers begin to find suitable mold manufacturers in China, and then go to the factory for field inspection and communication, When the candidate mold manufacturers are confirmed, we will ask them to quote the molds. After FMS Team evaluates and confirms their quotations, we will send them to the customer for confirmation
  • When our customers confirm the quotation and let the mold manufacturers start manufacturing, FMS will fully represent our customers to the outsourcing mold companies to sign an agreement with them and send engineers to their mold workshop to follow up the mold manufacturing. Weekly report the progress of the molds to the customers and handle the accidents about the mold manufacturing at any time.
  • When the molds are finished try-out,our engineers will faithfully write the test report, the evaluation of the molds and the improving suggestions, and report to our customers in time to ensure that the molds fully meet the design requirements.
  • When the molds are to be delivered to our customers, our engineers will perform a final inspection of the molds to ensure that all the molds fully meet the customer’s requirements.

 Why does your mold need to be outsourced?

1)If you are a production company of products, then you will lack the professional knowledge of the mold making,you need mold outsourcing.

2)If you are a mold company and you receive a mold order that you are not good at manufacturing, you need mold outsourcing.

3)If you receive a mold manufacturing order that exceeds your capacity, you need mold outsourcing

4)Outsourcing mold project allows companies to take full advantage of the extensive processes and resources available, such as:

Automated plastic injection molding equipment / Skilled design, engineering, tooling, and processing staff / Thorough molding equipment maintenance / Production-support employees

Why can’t you buy a good mold in China?

After 40 years of rapid development, China’s mold industry has been greatly developed, and the mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved. In some aspects, our level has even approached the level in Europe and the United States. But why can’t you buy a good mold in China?

We often see foreign customers who come to China with their own mold projects to find local suppliers. Their purpose is to find lower prices. If which mold company offers the lowest price, he will get these orders. Yes! compared with the mold quotation in Europe and the United States, the mold quotation in China is indeed quite low, but in your mind, Do you really know how much it costs to make a mold that meets your requirements in China? Do you really know China’s mold industry better than Chinese mold engineers? So our suggestion is to hand over your mold project to FMS Team, we will give you a good mold and guarantee the price of China.