Do You Need a Wired Security Camera or a Wireless Security Camera?

Wired vs. wireless home security cameras When security cameras first hit the market, they required a wired electrical source to work. Some multi-camera setups still work this way. These wired cameras rely on video cables to transmit video signals to a viewing device, like a computer monitoring or television. With a wireless security camera, the [...]

How to use Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras are a great investment when you’re looking to improve your home security. For one thing, they don’t require as much bulky equipment as wired cameras. To be sure, some people find wireless cameras confusing. After all, even the phrase “wireless cameras” is something of a misnomer. “Wireless” doesn’t actually mean wire-free. If [...]

Why you need to install a WIFI Security Camera system

You’ve been planning a vacation for quite some time now. Your itinerary involves being away from home for weeks but you’re paranoid over leaving your house for so long without supervision. Or, you run an enterprise, a factory or an industrial unit and there are frequent instances of occupational hazards like fire, chemical leakage, equipment [...]

You should learn something about wireless security cameras

The idea of video surveillance is to increase security on a property and protect a business. However, deciding on wired or wireless security cameras can be a challenge. Wired cameras use wires to transmit their footage, such as through coaxial or ethernet cable. On the other hand, wireless security cameras use AC power or batteries [...]

Why you choose our Wireless surveillance cameras

Wireless surveillance cameras can bring you real peace of mind as part of your home security system. The latest outdoor models have additional smart features that make them very simple to install and operate. Forget complicated, expensive wiring: simply link your wireless video cameras up to your existing WiFi network. You’ll never miss a movement [...]

Introduction to solar surveillance camera

      What is solar surveillance camera?  Solar surveillance cameras refer to surveillance cameras powered by solar panels. This solar surveillance is a suit which included storage batteries, solar panels, solar mounts, surveillance bullet cameras or surveillance dome cameras, and 4G sim card (traffic cards) for transmission. , TF memory card for storing video. [...]

Steps to Starting a Security Camera System Installation Business

To successfully start a security system installation business and become a business owner, you need at least a basic understanding of technology and electrical systems. Without the right knowledge, you won’t be able to install the system properly and could shock yourself or fry the wiring at the home or business where you are working. [...]

A Brief Introduction to Security Camera Installation Business Operations

If you want to start a security camera installation business, now is the best time. It’s not only a booming industry but also one that is ripe with opportunity for those willing to put in the work. In the decade between 2021 and 2030, We forecast that the worldwide managed security services market will grow [...]


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