Different mold venting design at different molding situation

Proper mold venting is essential for producing quality parts. During the molding process, the air contained in the mold needs a way to escape, otherwise the melt will compress and trap that air in the cavity. A combination of melt pressure and high temperature will then ignite the oxygen (called the “diesel effect”), causing burnings [...]

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How to reduce the risks of mold engineering

Everyday mold builders face various challenges as they tackle each new mold project that enters the shop. Whether it involves engineering, building, maintaining, or repairing molds, this industry’s dedicated technology suppliers offer solutions. Here are some insights and instructions to help your team through four specific challenges. 1) How to Reduce Risk in Plastic Part [...]

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The advantages and disadvantages of sourcing molds from domestic and China

If you have been considering sourcing to injection mold makers China, you probably know that it isn’t nearly as easy or straightforward an endeavor as it sounds. There are several ways to establish a provider, a number of different aspects to consider before making your final selection, and a variety of negotiations that need to [...]

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Metrology and validation are very important to micro moldmaking

Metrology is an enabling technology and today’s options provide invaluable insight concerning the demands of micro-size tooling and parts. Metrology equipment and skills are used to measure steel details in the mold, part features/dimensions to ensure the parts meet print tolerance and to guarantee a capable process. Typically, shops use high-end optical white light interferometer-based [...]

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Reasons for choosing five-axis machining in Mold manufacturing

Mold manufacturing is an increasingly challenging industry. Whether you have pivoted to supplying the medical industry or are a longtime automotive mold/die producer, you have probably seen where the market is heading. Parts and designs are getting more complex. Customers are pushing for shorter production times. Molds require greater degrees of precision and exact surface [...]

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How to design various core pull side-actions in molds

Molds in production often have various core pull side-actions, while designed with the best of intentions, do not fulfill current needs. Different materials, new molding parameters, requirements to drive glass below the surface or simply under-designing for the application, are just a few of the many reasons why mold performance suffers, often resulting in a [...]

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Mold maintenance needs real data

A shop that runs higher cavitation molds with critical specifications at high volumes will never continuously improve mold performance or shop efficiencies with non-standard language in a comment field. This data collection method does not provide a means to quickly or accurately measure data because a technician must manually decipher and analyze every work order. [...]

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