First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd is a professional supplier of first-rate mold solution supported by excellent mold technology team, products from many countries all over the world have been brought extra value by our service, by which we are trusted by our customers more and more.

Question 1:   Why Are You Needed?

We have strong and rich practical experience and knowledge in the field of plastic molding,we are able to provide our customers with a variety of plastic molding mold,The most important part is that we can provide molds and plastic parts that meet your requirements at Lower price. Secondly, we can operate each project at a very low cost, but very efficient, so that our customers can not only greatly save project costs but also enable their new products to be launched on time.

Some European and American customers may say, from the level of mold technology, we are willing to choose our own domestic mold companies, from the price level, we are willing to cooperate with the mold companies from India and southeast Asian countries

But if there is an option, when a company’s mold technology level is very close to your domestic mold technology level and the price is much lower than yours, would you choose this option?

The answer is Yes, who will refuse? This is so-called high cost performance.

Our company is this option

Question 2:   What Are Your Strengths?

The edges of First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd:Our team has profound professional theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in plastic molding, They have ever worked as design engineer or production engineer or molding engineer in mold companies from the United States, Germany, Japan, France and large domestic group companies.Now we work together as a group of mold designers, when we discuss a mold structure together, we can always find a more perfect design and  have involved in a wide range of products, For example: Automotive parts, AI products, electronic and digital products, IT products, medical products, office equipment, home appliances and so on. so Mold Design, Plastic Product Design, Mold Engineering Are Our Core Competitiveness

Question 3:    Why are you willing to serve your customers in this way?

Because the technology and manufacturing capabilities of each mold company are limited,In order to fully utilize our capabilities and learn more new technologies in mold field. we are willing to serve our customers in this way.

Question 4:    What are your services?

FMS Team services include: Product Design, Mold Design, Molding Analysis,Mold Engineering.

Question 5:  How about your CAD/CAM/CAE level?

Every mold engineer in our team can use various CAD/CAM/CAE software professionally,for example, UGNX, Pro/Engineering, CATIA, AUTOCAD, Moldflow and CADKEY

First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd is a vigorous team, whose members are enthusiastic to our industry and sufficiently inquisitive to learn,eternal adherents of leading-edge technologies in mold industry, and all of them are willing to learn by sparing no energy. We hope to become a helper for your success.