Many people don’t recognize MINI PC, I want to share my knowledge:

1)High stability: Insert the graphics card into the host computer and install the MINI PC. 1-7 computer users can use the computer at the same time, and can run the same or different programs without interfering with each other and processing speed is not affected. The MINI PC can dynamically allocate system resources and stably execute various WIN system-based application programs. The performance is very superior. The mini computer has the same excellent performance as the host, reducing the host hardware of the terminal and greatly reducing the equipment failure rate. What’s more worth mentioning is that many good genuine software nowadays are hard-encrypted and the price is relatively high.

2) The overall cost is low: because the computer CPU is upgraded too quickly, according to expert statistics, more than 99% of computers are upgraded every 2-3 years on average. Each time the hardware equipment upgraded, the motherboard, hard disk, CPU, and memory are upgraded The main objects are all devices in the host computer. Every time you upgrade, you have to replace 80% of the hardware equipment, while the MINI PC terminal only needs to replace 15% of the hardware equipment! Mini PC can effectively reduce costs including initial setup costs, maintenance fees, electricity costs, site fees, upgrade fees, etc. The price-performance ratio is unprecedentedly improved, saves power, energy and space, is environmentally friendly, and can realize multiple users on a single machine.

3) Fast reading speed: Unique technology increases reading efficiency, dynamic allocation of system resources, and provides better execution efficiency of the system.

4) Strong confidentiality: Support dynamic directory management and authority management, allowing each user of the equipment to have a private directory to avoid mutual interference and leakage.

5) Maintenance is more convenient: only one host needs to be maintained, which greatly improves the utilization of system equipment and reduces maintenance costs. Software updates and hardware upgrades are easier to maintain and less work.

6) Good independent performance: each user can surf the Internet and use all kinds of application software separately, log in the LOCAL area network separately, use any Shared resources of the local area network completely, and listen to music and copy materials independently. Mini PC has online entertainment application functions, video information, game applications, you can not normally use the APP to move to the TV end, the usual online e-book reading, real-time weather forecast, real-time stock online, real-time booking services, real-time flight query services can be achieved in front of the MIN PC screen.

7) High LAN speed: The reduction in the number of hosts greatly reduces network collisions on the LAN, and greatly improves network efficiency. The reduction of network cables and interfaces can also reduce the cost of network installation.

8) Good software benefits: each user can use the genuine operating system, OFFICE software, CAD engineering design, Photoshop art design, 3D drawing production, surfing the Internet, playing games, image security monitoring, etc. at the same time. Allows you to legally maximize the use of genuine software at the same time.

9) Security management: All management is performed on the host, and all users are centrally controlled by the WINDOWS core console. Each user’s authority can be set, and the mini computer management is quite easy and convenient. Computer terminals are allowed to be equipped with various hard disk protection cards or virus firewalls. Effectively prevent viruses from being infected by optical disks and floppy disks and prevent unauthorized copying of data. In terms of function, the network MINI PC has the least functions, but the installation, maintenance and compatibility are the best. The multimedia mini computer has the most complete functions and all powerful. But the installation, maintenance and compatibility are second. The computer extension ranks second. The MINI PC has the function of high-definition Blu-ray playback, and supports a variety of video formats. You can watch online movie and video resources online under a broadband connection, and the screen resolution can be effectively guaranteed 720P, 1080P, etc.